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Freshly Dried Laundry Outside
All Year Round.
Save Time Money & Energy.

“It's raining in Dublin too, but I don't have to worry, I have my washing out under my lovely Clothesline Canopy. I'm so pleased with it, no more worrying about the weather. I'm even helping my daughters and putting their washing out too. I don't know how we managed before, and it saves a fortune not having to use the drier all the time. Thank you again Clothesline Canopy.”

Ann Flood, Dublin

What Our Customers Say

"You're saving money from the day you buy it ...I'd say it's going to be there in 25 or 30 years time."
Sean McMonagle
"It's a wonderful success, allowing clothes to dry naturally, safe from sudden downpours ... It has saved me a fortune on my electricity bills from my tumble dryer"
Barbara Prendergast
"No matter what way the rain is coming it doesn't seem to get the clothes"
Mary Howard
"Definitely the best money we spent last year! It's made the job of drying clothes so much easier"
Noreen Lane
Ballyvourney, Co. Cork