Clothesline Canopies are an all weather solution to drying your laundry outdoors 365 days a year.
Our covers are solid, weatherproof and made from premium quality materials.
Save Time, Money & Energy

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Purchased a Clothesline Canopy, what happens next?

Thank you for placing your order for a Clothesline Canopy and paying by Bank Transfer.  Your order will be delivered within 7 to 10 working days upon receipt of confirmation of your payment by our bank.   If you have purchased Delivery & Installation, then we will contact you to arrange a suitable date to install your Clothesline Canopy.

Purchased a Gift Voucher?

If you have purchased a gift voucher then you will receive an automated email which is a receipt for your purchase of the gift voucher.

The gift voucher email will not be sent to the recipient until your payment has been received by our bank.  Upon confirmation of your payment, the Gift Voucher will be sent to your recipient.  This may take up to 3-4 days.  This email will contain a unique voucher code.  The recipient can use the Gift Voucher Code to receive a discount on the purchase of a Clothesline Canopy.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of using The Clothesline Canopy

Save – Time – Money – Energy

Dry outside regardless of weather or time of year

Save money on energy bills - you will rarely use a tumble dryer

Remove the clothes horse and resulting damp and mildew indoors; no more clothes draped over radiators

Takes up very little space yet holds a large amount of clothes due to multiple lines.

Lines stay clean; no damage to clothes pegs; no bird droppings!

Super strong aluminium frame; Top quality Perspex canopy; Very solid unlike rotary or free standing models

Environmentally Friendly

Designed to withstand stormy weather

Hang out clothes anytime and no worries if you forget to bring them in

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What Our Customers Say

Sean McMonagle
"You're saving money from the day you buy it ...I'd say it's going to be there in 25 or 30 years time."
Sean McMonagle
Barbara Prendergast
"It's a wonderful success, allowing clothes to dry naturally, safe from sudden downpours ... It has saved me a fortune on my electricity bills from my tumble dryer"
Barbara Prendergast
Mary Howard
"No matter what way the rain is coming it doesn't seem to get the clothes"
Mary Howard
Noreen Lane
"Definitely the best money we spent last year! It's made the job of drying clothes so much easier"
Noreen Lane
Ballyvourney, Co. Cork
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