Benefits: Clothesline Canopy

  • Save – Time – Money – Energy
  • Dry outside regardless of weather or time of year
  • Save money on energy bills - you will rarely use a tumble dryer
  • Remove the clothes horse and resulting damp and mildew indoors; no more clothes draped over radiators
  • Takes up very little space yet holds a large amount of clothes due to multiple lines.
  • Lines stay clean; no damage to clothes pegs; no bird droppings!
  • Super strong aluminium frame; Top quality Perspex canopy; Very solid unlike rotary or free standing models
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Designed to withstand stormy weather
  • Hang out clothes anytime and no worries if you forget to bring them in

"Everyone should have one. Best investment I ever made!"

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Benefits: Outdoor Canopy/Awning

  • Makes your garden or outdoor space usable in all weather conditions
  • Entertain and BBQ even on showery summer evenings
  • Create an outdoor play area for children
  • Store bikes, garden furniture or winter fuel on your doorstep
  • Protect your plants during winter months
  • Shelter your doorway from rain and prevent wet tracking inside
  • Construct a smoking shelter
  • Make a shelter for car, bike, caravan
  • A "Room Outside" extends your living space

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