Just some of the Benefits!

  • Save – Time – Money – Energy
  • Eliminate the need for tumble dryer
  • Hang out clothes even when raining
  • Make use of your outdoor space
  • Permanent structures; no need for replacement parts
  • Installation included in price

Eco Friendly

As the weather gets hotter it is officially time to put away the warmer clothes and bring out the summer wardrobe 😎
Sometimes when clothes are stored away for a period of time they can get a musty smell. Here are our tips to prevent this:
⭐️ Put dryer sheets in with your clothes to capture any dampness.
⭐️ Use wardrobe fresheners to keep clothes smelling gorgeous. You can buy these or make diy ones yourself. We recommend pouches of dried lavender.
⭐️ Store your clothing in a cool, dry, dark location.
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