Just some of the Benefits!

  • Save – Time – Money – Energy
  • Eliminate the need for tumble dryer
  • Hang out clothes even when raining
  • Make use of your outdoor space
  • Permanent structures; no need for replacement parts
  • Installation included in price

Eco Friendly

Narrow Clothesline Canopy

Narrow Fitting Clothesline Canopy. 

Can a Clothesline Canopy fit at the side of my house?  This is a question we get asked often. 

The Clothesline Canopy comes in three different lengths; 8 ft, 10 ft long and 12 ft long depending on your needs and space. It projects out 4 feet 2" from the wall. Each Canopy has 4 lines. The Canopies can be made to any length if these standard sizes don't suit. The width can also be adjusted like for example at the side alley of a house between your house and your neighbours. 

These photos  below show a Clothesline Canopy that has been cut back to suit a narrower space.

Side alley narrow Clothesline Canopy 

 Side Slley Narrow Clothesline Canopy 2

Side Alley Narrow Clothesline Canopy 3


Don't hesitate to contact us with any special requirements -  Call 087 2601467 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We had a great day at the Kerry Expo in Killarney on Sunday. A huge crowd again this year to and a great showcase of companies in the Kerry area. 

Kerry Expo 18 CC

 To celebrate the success we are continuing the sale all this week €30 off all flatpack Clothesline Canopies - 8ft, 10ft and 12ft. 

Order online http://www.clotheslinecanopy.com/purchase or call Tadhg on 087 2601467
Offer ends Sunday May 20th 


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To celebrate the Irish victory yesterday 🎉 and the weekend that's in it ☘️, we have decided to extend our sale until midnight Monday March 19th. That's €50 off all sizes of Clothesline Canopy - 8ft, 10ft & 12ft. 
Our products are Irish made and our materials are also sourced in Ireland. We use local independent suppliers for anything from courier to signage to printing. 
So we encourage you to #buyirish and #shoplocal#thisisretail
Thanks for your continued support! - Tadhg 👍
Order now online http://www.clotheslinecanopy.com/purchase or call call (087) 2601467.

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Radio Kerry

Radio Competition : Win an 8ft Clothesline Canopy!
When it comes to drying your clothes outside there’s no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothesline cover! So starting this Monday on Talkabout on Radio Kerry we’re giving you the chance to win an eight foot all-weather covered clothesline. Sound good to you … then make sure your tuned in 13:30 – 15:00 all week for your chance to win a Clothesline Canopy. 🤣
Also Tadhg will be on air with Deirdre today to discuss the details!
You can listen live online http://www.radiokerry.ie/

Radio Kerry

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Is your New Year Resolution to keep on top of the laundry ?

We all start with the best of intentions. When Christmas is over and the decorations come down we start making so many goals in our head. Some to get fit or loose weight, some to be a better person, more time with kids and family etc. Or it could be to be more organised and to keep on top of the laundry, which is a hard one in this Irish weather!

Time to order your Clothesline Canopy so you can dry your clothes outside under an all weather covered clothesline. 
No more running in and out in the rain, giving you more time to do other things, half a cup of tea  or go for a walk ...( me time) or spend it with the kids! 
Drying your clothes outside also saves you money on your dryer bills!
You can order online  http://www.clotheslinecanopy.com/prices  and we deliver free nationwide.

Here's wishing you all a great 2018 no matter what your goals are!

 NY laundry banner

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