What our customers say ....

  • "I spoke with Tadgh and he organised Shane to come and put up 4 covered lines, 10 meters. They were amazing to deal with, it's a fantastic job. Over one month later in the wettest July on record I have only had to use my dryer once and only for 10 mins."

    Anna McPartlin, August 2023

  • "Great invention and investment. Takes up no space in the garden, dries clothes in all weather. Great company to deal with!"

    Ann Marie Walsh, May 2023

  • "Absolutely delighted with my outdoor canopy. Such a great addition to any house - it’s so handy to be able to hang up the clothes outside and not be worried about the weather once I leave for work etc. The team are great, would high recommend to anyone!"

    Caoimhe McVeigh, May 2023

  • "We love our clothesline canopy! With the Irish weather being so unpredictable we love knowing the washing is dry under the canopy when we leave the house. Definitely the best investment made this year."

    Keelin Riley, July 2023

  • "Fab product! Wish we had this year's ago! Ordered a 10 ft clothesline canopy which arrived so quickly within a couple of days! Excellent customer service, Bernie provided a number for an independent installer for us and he was brilliant too! Can't wait to use it, it looks amazing and excellent durable quality."

    Jane Read, July 2023

  • "Had my clothesline canopy installed a few weeks ago now. How did I live without this product for so long?? No panicking about bringing in the clothes when I see a drop of rain. Also, the money we have saved from not using the dryer!! It's a godsend. Would highly recommend Tadgh and team"

    Karen Walsh, June 2023

  • "Excellent professional service, I would highly recommend The Clothesline Canopy."-

    John, Kerry 

    February 2021

  • "Was in touch with the guys and received my order extremely quick, outstanding service & super delivery! I'll be flying through the washing now !! Highly recommended to anyone thinking of making the purchase...go for it !"-

    Louise, Kerry 

    May 2021

  • "Absolutely delighted with my clothesline. Highly recommend. It’s a game changer. Fantastic idea. Really good quality."-

    Jennifer, Kerry

    May 2021

  • "Delighted with the canopy. Rain does not get in! Great company to deal with. Highly reccomend."-

    Sandra, Cork 

    April 2021

  • "It is the second best thing that ever came into this house, the first was my wife"-

    Tommy, Galway 

    May 2021 

  • Well, I don't know where to start This product is by far the best thing I have ever bought. The pure pleasure of hanging out clothes and not having to worry about rain and the extra bonus of the clothes staying nice and soft not going hard because the sun is too hot and on top of that it looks amazing.i have mine at the side of my house so I can enjoy my garden. This clothesline has seriously taken all the stress out of drying clothes no more clothes horse in my sitting room no more socks on radiators. Definitely 5 star product

    Sophie Lahive, Cork 

    May 2019

  • Love my Clothesline Canopy! Have it about 4 weeks now and enjoy going out to put the clothes even it its raining sad I know but I work full time and was always behind on the washing as it was hanging around the kitchen on clothes horse and never had enough room for everything. I went with the 10 foot so have 40 feet of line to hang up clothes. It is great for duvet covers and sheets. Also the service was great it was put up with in a few days of ordering. Would recommend.

    Antoinette Enright - Limerick

  • "I have told so many people about what a great investment my clothesline canopy was. I never again have to worry about getting my wash in between showers.  I work full time and time is money. The saving on our health also in winter trying to dry I house,very bad health.

    Our summers are so wet and windy, but I followed the advise and hang longer items in two middle rows. Also I have my garden wicker furniture under it when it's raining so it is multipurpose. When sun comes out so does my chair and cushions.

    Great invention thank you. No more boring conversations about getting washing done."

    Mags Coffey

  • "The best thing that ever came out of Killarney was Tadhg and his clothesline canopy. It is the best purchase I ever made and to be able to dry clothes all the year around is a gift. Drying clothes inside has been proved to be unhealthy and there is nothing like fresh air to dry your clothes. I found Tadhg to be very helpful and all I had to do was to order the size I wanted and it arrived all ready for my handyman. Tadhg was on the other end of the phone if we encountered any problems. I must have it over 18 months and I am sure many who have seen it have ordered one. It certainly cuts down on the cost of the tumble dryer but for me the most important thing are the health benefits of this amazing invention.Thank you Tadhg."

     Ursula, Kiltimagh, Co.Mayo 

  • "I got a clothesline canopy it's the best ever no panic when it's raining the clothes are perfectly dry and it cuts down on using the tumble dryer I'm so happy I got it the owner is fantastic to deal with and it was no problem to come to east cork I would really recommend the company and the product."

    Rose Kelliher

  • “It's raining in Dublin too, but I don't have to worry, I have my washing out under my lovely Clothesline Canopy. I'm so pleased with it, no more worrying about the weather. I'm even helping my daughters and putting their washing out too. I don't know how we managed before, and it saves a fortune not having to use the drier all the time. Thank you again Clothesline Canopy.”

    Ann Flood, Dublin

  • I would highly recommend canopy clothes line. It makes drying clothes in our Irish climate much easier. No need for
    a tumble dryer or for hanging damp clothes up inside.

    Bernadette O’Neill, Kerry

  • Excellent service. Put up in 2 days.
    Exactly what I wanted.
    Thank you.

    Trish O’Donovan, Cork

  • Hi Tadgh, so delighted with my new clothesline! Has made my life a lot easier & that of my husband, even says I would trade him in for it! No more damp indoor clothes & my daughter’s waspy cough has improved. Wishing you all the success you deserve as it’s a fantastic initiative.

    Suzi Crombie, Cork

  • I love my clothesline canopy. Best investment especially with washing for household of 8 people. We got it delivered and put it up ourselves. Any handyman could do it!

    Emma Ni Laithimh, Galway

  • “I’m very happy, money well spent. It’s marvellous!”

    Marie, Co. Limerick

  • "Definitely the best money we spent last year! It's made the job of drying clothes so much easier"

    Noreen Lane, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork

  • Re “room outside”: in the last few months I had a room outside added to my house. This allowed me to make more use of my garden late into the very fine evenings we enjoyed this summer. Also it allowed me to leave my patio door open to allow fresh air into my house. Now that the season has changed I can still use my BBQ and dry my washing outside. The work was completed in two days, and I can recommend their workmanship.


  • Superb investment! A must have with our climate.

    Claire, Beaufort

  • Tadgh just a note to let you know we love the canopy, it's like having another room. We were pleased with your work as it was to a high standard, and you were always on time.

    Patricia, Fossa, Killarney

  • We had two of Mr. McCarthy's products installed this July and we are very pleased with both. The Clothesline Canopy is a wonderful success allowing clothes to dry naturally safe from sudden downpours.

    Our other venture is a lean to half greenhouse which I have been able to grow tomatoes in this summer even though it is open at either end. Very useful for keeping garden furniture dry, and protecting growing plants from being blown down by the wind.

    The work was done quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. We are very happy to recommend this company.

    Barbara and Sean Prendergast, Dingle

  • Tadhg has been talking about erecting this Clothesline Canopy for years and although it was easy to envisage the advantages, it is actually much better than I expected. No more clothes horses or clothes on radiators and I can hang out clothes any time of the day. I have seen a significant drop in my electricity bill as I now rarely use the dryer.

    Maureen, Barraduff, Co. Kerry

  • I couldn't believe how much quicker my family's clothes were dry. I could put them out even on the wettest of days and they were still dry. I also stayed dry while hanging them out. It's a great relief not having to run every time it starts to rain, which is quite often!

    Mary, Beaufort, Co. Kerry

  • The Clothesline Canopy really works! I can hang out washing anytime in any weather. I no longer use a dryer or have washing hanging on a clothes horse taking up space and causing damp conditions indoors. It has made life much easier and saves money. I would certainly recommend it, it's excellent!

    Breda Coffey, Killarney, Co. Kerry

  • Best investment I have made in a long time especially considering the pattern of our recent summers. I take great pleasure in bringing in my freshly dried washing even on the wettest days.

    Mary Howard, Kilcummin, Co. Kerry

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