Clothesline Canopies come in 3 standard lengths – 8ft, 10ft and 12ft (prices inclusive of VAT). They project out 4ft 2" from the wall.  Clothesline Canopies can be made to any length. If you would like a different length please contact us for a quotation for this. 

  • Save Money - No need for energy guzzling tumble dryer 
  • No more clothes horse or clothes on radiators
  • Manage time better - hang out laundry anytime - no running between showers
  • Protect your Health - drying indoors can be harmful to your health
  • Condensation can be Costly - Damp and Mould can lead to peeling paint and wall paper or even dry rot.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Drying clothes will no longer be a problem

What customers say...

"Well, I don't know where to start , this product is by far the best thing I have ever bought. The pure pleasure of hanging out clothes and not having to worry about rain and the extra bonus of the clothes staying nice and soft not going hard because the sun is too hot and on top of that it looks amazing.i have mine at the side of my house so I can enjoy my garden. This clothesline has seriously taken all the stress out of drying clothes no more clothes horse in my sitting room no more socks on radiators. Definitely 5 star product!"  Sophie, Cork 

"Love my Clothesline Canopy! Enjoy going out to put the clothes even it it's raining, sad I know but I work full time and was always behind on the washing as it was hanging around the kitchen on clothes horse and never had enough room for everything. I went with the 10 foot so have 40 feet of line to hang up clothes. It is great for duvet covers and sheets. Also the service was great it was put up with in a few days of ordering. Would recommend."  Antoinette, Limerick. 

"It's a wonderful success allowing clothes to dry naturally, safe from sudden downpours" Barbara and Sean, Dingle, Co. Kerry

"It works, it does what it says, it's sturdy and strong; it won't let you down. I have clothes out all the time" Eileen, Cromane, Co. Kerry

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Best Way to Use

Easy to Install

Freshly Dried Laundry, All Year Round

Enjoy a room outside with a Patio Canopy

Our Guarantee

Made from top quality materials, the Clothesline Canopy is built to last with a 5 year guarantee. We are in no doubt that this will be a life long product; made with a rust proof aluminium frame and high grade perspex cover. The product is very securely fixed to an exterior wall including steel sheds, using our heavy duty bolts. We deliberately use best quallty materials and trained installers to ensure long lasting results. Cheap materials are false economy and will not withstand time or weather.

FREE No Obligation Assessment and Quotation

Clothesline Canopies are very neat and take up little space. They have 4 lines so lots of hanging space. You chose the length that suits your needs and we will ensure a comfortable reach height for you. They can be attached to a gable wall, garage or even a steel shed. They also work fitted across a bathroom or utility window as they don't block light and you are not looking out that window.

Money Back Promise

We're confident that you will love your Clothesline Canopy, but if after a 3 month period you are not happy, we will take it away and refund your money

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