You have received a Gift Voucher for a set amount, how do you use this voucher?

Go to the prices page and choose the size of Clothesline Canopy that you want to purchase. Click on the View Details for this product.

Next click on the Buy Now button which will place this item in your shopping cart.

On the shopping cart page, you will see the item you have chosen and below there is a box with a green button next to it called Apply Voucher.

apply voucher

Put the voucher Redemption Code sent to you into this box and click on the Apply Voucher button.

You should now see that the cost of your Clothesline Canopy has reduced in price.

Then click the Proceed to Checkout button to purchase your Clothesline Canopy.

If you have any problems using your voucher, please contact us for help on this feature.

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